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Posted by Corindus Staff
January 11, 2018

               Corindus is committed to providing best-in-class educational resources and events to interventional cardiologists, physicians, staff and our hospital partners. With this in mind, we developed a brand new website to support continuing education in the field of vascular robotics. We are very excited to announce the launch of


               Whether you are just beginning your journey with robotic-assisted PCI or very familiar with The CorPath System, has a vast majority of resources which can help enhance your robotic knowledge. Read about our robotic training centers where you can attend one of Corindus' GRX Live courses, offering peer-to-peer learning with didactic presentations, robotics live in practice or the opportunity to experience vascular robotics hands-on in a unique setting. You can also check out our upcoming events to visit us at a number of medical conferences throughout the year. If you missed us at a past industry conferences, allows you to watch our presentations featuring esteemed interventional cardiologists and seasoned robotic users. Explore key training material to understand the workflow for Robotic-assisted PCI, how our CorPath GRX cassette functions and discover CorPath’s measurement feature.


                We encourage you to explore the clinical evidence backed by scientific research providing the benefits robotic-assisted PCI offers physicians, patients, staff and hospitals. Our innovative technology calls for the continuous exploration of new frontiers in vascular robotics. We have multiple clinical trials scheduled for this year and beyond.


               Check out, the website dedicated to robotic-assisted PCI educational resources, and discover the benefits of the CorPath System.


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