Orthopedic Injury in the Cath Lab: Back Injury is Risking the Careers of Interventional Cardiologists

Posted by Corindus Staff
September 18, 2015

There are occupational hazards in every industry. Football players wear helmets to protect their heads, construction workers wear safety gear. Some “desk jockeys” even wear wrist guards to protect from carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s safe to say that there is a general wear and tear no matter what you do.


Unfortunately, the same goes for interventional cardiologists and other cath lab personnel who suffer from a host of occupational hazards including severe orthopedic injury. What’s worse, these are people that dedicate their lives to helping others. And sadly, 60% of interventionalists with more than 20 years in the lab experience serious spinal issues – just from doing their jobs.


Recently, we worked on a documentary with Dr. Vijay Iyer, a renowned interventional cardiologist who has spent his career providing lifesaving care to his patients, all while wearing heavy lead apparel to protect himself from the harmful effects of radiation exposure required for his procedures. Unfortunately, the lead apparel required during percutaneous coronary interventions, or PCI, and other procedures in the cath lab has led to serious spinal injuries for Dr. Iyer. After four back surgeries, Dr. Iyer was faced with the grim reality that one more surgery may end his career in the cath lab.


At Corindus, we believe there should be an alternative for brilliant interventionalists like Dr. Iyer. We are proud to provide a solution that allows him to continue in interventional cardiology without the need for heavy lead apparel.  Dr. Iyer is avoiding further injury by routinely utilizing CorPath, the first robotic system cleared for PCI, which enables him to provide a high level of care for his patients from the safety of a radiation-protected interventional cockpit. This week, a new documentary chronicling his story Robotics Reducing the Burden of a Life in the Cath Lab, was released. We encourage you to watch and learn more.


People rely on Dr. Iyer every day and by providing a solution, like CorPath, we truly believe that we are helping to save lives.






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