Corindus sets up shop at Orsi Academy in Belgium

Posted by Corindus Staff
March 18, 2021

About an hour outside of Brussels sits a state-of-the-art innovation center that is an ideal venue for Corindus to demonstrate its CorPath® GRX robot to interventionalists and catheterization laboratory staff. In 2010, Dr. Alexandre Mottrie, a pioneer in robotic surgery, founded the O.L.V. Vattikuti Robotic Surgery Institute (ORSI), a multidisciplinary school of robotic surgery. In its first few years, ORSI implemented two surgical robotic systems to train urologists and gynecologists from Europe. In 2016, ORSI rebranded to become Orsi Academy, and broadened its scope so that stakeholders across several specialties could collaborate to improve the best practices in minimally invasive surgery through training, R&D, and data management. By 2017, Orsi Academy had become – and still is – the largest robotics training center in the world, and recently completed construction of a new state-of-the-art campus.


Late last year, Corindus became a key pillar of this community after installing a CorPath GRX System at Orsi’s robotics center. Over the last several months, leaders from Corindus and Siemens Healthineers have hosted socially distant educational presentations, procedural demonstrations, and hands on training with physicians from around the world. Working within a private designated space at Orsi’s campus, several small groups comprising a mix of physicians and other catheterization laboratory staff have gained hands-on experience with CorPath GRX and technIQ™ Smart Procedural Automation.


According to Dr. Maksymilian Opolski, MD, PhD, from the Cardinal Wyszynski National Institute of Cardiology Warsaw, a physician who participated in the training, “One of the biggest takeaways from my experience with CorPath GRX at Orsi was that automation not only works, but is also extremely easy and intuitive to use. The automation reflects the movements we’ve been manually making for years, and it provides a standardization of care independent of physician experience, which ultimately could translate into more consistent outcomes across a wider community of PCI operators. The training I received also creates an opportunity for physicians to suggest additional automated movements, which wouldn’t otherwise be possible without the world class collaboration Orsi provides.”


“This is the biggest medical robotics education center in the world. We are honored and proud to be a part of it,” said Munich-based Raul Klokotschnik, EMEA Sales Training, for Corindus, who has hosted many sessions at Orsi. “It’s an amazing place to collaborate with like-minded professionals who value the chance to learn how robotic-assisted intervention is advancing minimally invasive treatment and standardizing care.”


Orsi Academy is affiliated with multiple universities and societies, and prides itself on being an open and inclusive ecosystem available for the safe and effective adaptation of new technologies in medical practice. Facilities include dry and wet labs with the highest non-human ethical standards, theoretical training, simulator training, live surgery, and e-learning opportunities. Orsi’s commitment to education, training and innovation through collaboration is unparalleled, and provides a launching pad for Corindus and other innovators to advance healthcare on a global scale.



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