Tech Spotlight: Yash Soni, Apex Heart Institute

By Corindus Staff
February 27, 2019

Yash Soni, Assistant Manager of Cath Lab Operations and Chief Technologist at Apex Heart, played a significant role on the core team involved in the Telerobotic Intervention Study. This study marked the first-in-human remote robotic PCI, where interventional cardiologist Dr. Tejas Patel, was located approximately 20 miles away from patients undergoing treatment at the Apex Heart Institute.

Yash and the Apex Heart team became robotic experts after installing CorPath GRX in December 2017, completing over 300 robotic PCI cases. Building a strong foundation of robotic knowledge is the first key step to tackling remote procedures in the future. The team at Apex Heart committed to this philosophy by embracing robotic technology and understanding the impact that remote robotic treatment could have to improve patient care in underserved populations with geographic barriers to treatment.

Learn more about Yash and the robotic program at Apex Heart below.


American Heart Month

By Corindus Staff
February 13, 2019

February is designated as American Heart Month and health organizations like the American Heart Association (AHA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) use this time to educate the public about heart disease. Starting in 1963, this annual event is focused on encouraging Americans to battle against heart disease through open communication and proper prevention methods.



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